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London must-sees according to the 2012/13 volunteers!

Voluntary services as a journey through the past and present of a country

Experience your own Britain

Volunteers share a joke during a seminar

ARSP voluntary service in the UK

Polish and German volunteers in the UK

Over 50 years of ARSP in the UK

Intergenerational Dialogue

An ARSP volunteer with kids from his project and boxing equipment

ARSP voluntary service in the UK

Facing Challenges

At the Ruins of Coventry Cathedral

Where everything began ...

Board Chairwoman Elisabeth Raiser on the podium

May 2016

Exciting weekend coming up at ARSP

ARSP Annual Meeting!

ARSP's Annual Meeting takes place on 20th and 21st May in Berlin, with the title 'People in Resistance; Retrospectives and Visions'. There will be discussion, debate and much creativity, follow the link to book your place....


Spring 2016

Volunteers' Voice

Experience Volunteer Life!

What inspires young people from Germany and Poland to volunteer in the UK each year? Find out their reasons for getting involved with ARSP, what motivates them and read their impressions of life in the UK here....


Winter 2015

'Jewish Awareness Training' in Stanmore, North London

Inter-cultural dialogue and exchange!

ARSP volunteers recently took part in a training session run by the AJR, an organisation providing an extensive range of social and welfare services to Jewish victims of Nazi persecution living in Great Britain....


Autumn 2015

Next generation of volunteers arrive in the UK

ARSP welcomes new volunteers!

On 10th September, following a week of preparation seminars in Poland and the UK, 15 new ARSP volunteers from Germany and Poland arrived in London and Coventry to begin their voluntary service....


Every August at ARSP

Evaluation Seminar

Volunteer Graffiti Workshop!

As part of evaluating their voluntary service each year ARSP volunteers take part in a graffiti workshop, see what they came up with when tasked with producing something memorable from their year in the UK...



Get involved with ARSP!

Every September 10 - 15 young people from Germany and Poland begin their voluntary service with ARSP in the UK, find out here what it's all about and explore our partner organisations here

Westminster Abbey

"I am full of admiration for the work of ARSP"

Listen to and read the speech given by Lilian Levy, Holocaust survivor and former ARSP Trustee, at a service commemorating the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht....


Spring 2016 - read all about it!

ARSP magazine latest edition!

Read the most recent edition of our regular magazine Zeichen for an in-depth exploration of all areas of ARSP's work....


Summer 2015


Our current Wiener Library volunteer recently got involved in the Anne Frank Trust campaign marking the 70 anniversary of the death of Anne Frank. Find out more at and watch here...


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