Our Fields of Work


Along with our international volunteer services in the shape of year-long volunteer services and international summer camps, ARSP is engaged in the field of social, historical and political education. Here you can find further information concerning our diverse fields of work.

One-Year Volunteer Services

Every year Action Reconciliation Service for Peace sends about 180 volunteers from Germany - mostly young people between 18 and 27 - to countries that particularly suffered under the Nazi regime. We also have volunteer programs for people from other countries than Germany in Germany, Poland and the UK.


International Summer Camps

Our international summer camp program offers interesting and enriching possibilities for personal contacts across national, cultural and religious borders.


Volunteering in the Community

ARSP offers many opportunities for volunteers to get involved. It is the commitment of those volunteers who work for ARSP in their spare time which makes our mission come true.


Public Relations

ARSP wants to provide the community with insights from the Christian-Jewish dialogue and from the dialogue with Muslims.


Educational Work

ARSP wants to encourage a debate in society by organising events, workshops, seminars and conferences on topics such as remembrance, politics, national identities, and inter-religious dialogue.


Colorful History, Colorful Stories

The history of immigrant societies is diverse: Immigrants enrich and change the public discourse about remembrance and redefine the limits of 'German History.' The diversity of history within immigrant societies is reflected in our projects and educational programmes.