Educational Work

The ARSP wants to encourage a debate in society organising events, workshops, seminars and conferences on topics such as remembrance, politics, national identities, and inter-religious dialogue. The debate is focused on  the issue of "interculturallity". The ARSP emphasis on the question  of necessary changes in the treatment of the  subject of National Socialism Nazism due to an increasingly inter-cultural society in Germany.

Action Reconciliation Service for Peace provides exhibitions about the topic Auschwitz/Oswiecim "Bilder im Kopf / Pictures in the Mind" and about the work and history of the ARSP, "Grenzen überwinden / overcoming barriers". Study trips to Minsk, St. Petersburg, and Moscow offer the chance to become more familiar with the work of  ARSP volunteers.

ARSP also helps to plan memorial site trips to Poland and arranges the grants for the trips themselves from the German-Polish Youth Office.