What happened during the project? What do the participants have to say? And how did the summer camp exhibition in Berlin go?

The project really gained traction with the opening conference and had a great start into summer camps in Hungary, Lithuania, Greece and Italy. On November 9th the project ended with a exhibition of the summer camps, a fish-bowl discussion on work against right-wing populism and a talk with the son of Greek Shoah survivors.

On this page you'll find insights and documentation on all that has happened in the project.

Closing Event & Exhibition

An exhibition about the four summer camps, a discussion on work and strategies against right wing populism and a conversation with a time witness closed the project in Berlin.


Kaunas and Vilnius

The Summer Camp in Lithuania documented tombstones and epitaphs at the old Jewish cemetery in Kaunas.


Summer Camp Italy

In Tuscany the participants learned about the resistance of the Italian partisan movement, the history of a small village where German soldiers committed a massacre, and much more.


Summer Camp Greece

The summer camp in the Greek mountains offered a diverse experience of various aspects of the region's history and present and left lasting impressions


Summer Camp Budapest

The first summer camp of the project came to a close. A short report on what the participants did and expperienced in Budapest and a few photo impressions you will find here


Intl. Conference Courage

The conference in Berlin was the kick-off event for the project. Here you can find an account and fotos of the conference.


That's Europe Campaign

Your message to Europe! During our public campaign "That's Europe" by ARSP hundreds of people in Berlin had the opportunity to send their message for Europe.