We hosted the international convention "Courage" at the German Evangelical Church Day where Action Reconciliation Service for Peace attented with a stall and various events to mark the day. We used the wide, public attention for the presentation of a campaign called “That´s Europe”.

At the launch event of the Church day at the meet and greet, we informed hundreds of people who visited the stand about the project “Oppression and Resistance” and about the work of ARSP. All the visitors had the chance to win a shirt, which has a message to Europe on it. Either “Speak Out for Peace!", "Welcome Refugees!“, "Resist Populists!" or "Remember (Your) History!"
The aim of the campaign was to make people aware about challenges like right-wing populism, right-wing extremism or xenophobia in Europe and to encourage them to engage more in and for Europe. The campaign stirred a great interest between the visitors and offered them a great opportunity for an exciting talk about Europe!

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