International Conference 'Courage'
25-26th May 2017

Jahrestagung Magdeburg

At the kick-off event in Berlin, the international conference ‘Courage’, we narrowed in on the diverse themes of the project.

Like the whole project, the conference focused on resistance and especially the link between past and present. The emphasis was be on the countries of the project’s summer camps as well as Poland. For this we had interesting workshops and  talks in different formats looking at a variety of aspects of civil courage and lived resistance in these parts of Europe. Delegates of the partner organizations attended and presented themselves and their work as well.

We asked: What does resistance mean in times of growing nationalist and anti-European rhetoric? Who swims against the tide and why?

A report on the conference can be found here.

Contact for the conference

Magdalena Scharf 
e-Mail: scharf[at] 
Tel: 030/28395-182 
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