Volunteer Service in Great Britain

In London

In London

It was here the work of Action Reconciliation in Great Britain began in 1961. German volunteers then built an international meeting centre for reconciliation in the ruins of the cathedral.

Volunteers work with survivors of the Shoah vergrößern

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Volunteers work with survivors of the Shoah

Today approximately 12 volunteers from Germany and Poland are active in mid- and southwest England and in London. They work in historical and political fields, and with the socially disadvantaged – often in city centres – with mentally and physically challenged individuals.

ASF (ARSP) volunteer seminars take place in Great Britain and are held in English. Thus, a knowledge of the English language is a requirement for volunteer service in this country. An exchange of the basic principles of the terms “Remembrance, Identity, Commitment” takes place at the country seminar in the form of direct dialogue with British participants.

Volunteer in London

For our programme in Great Britain we accept 12-14 volunteers from both Germany and Poland. In the seminars the volunteers meet their peers from Great Britain. That’s why we call the programme »trilateral«.

Due to language skills required, some of the posts are only designed for people from Poland and others only for people from Germany. More information can be obtained from the ASF office in Poland.


Contact person for ARSP volunteers in Great Britain
Sabrina Gröschel, St Margarets House, 21 Old Ford Road, London E2 9PL
Fax: 0044-20-8981 9944 / Fon: 0044-20-8880 7526


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