Volunteers experience history

Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) offers international volunteer placements in thirteen different countries – in Europe, Israel and the US. ARSP volunteers visit Holocaust survivors, work with refugees and homeless people, help former Nazi forced labourers in their old age and work in schools and shelters for children with disabilities.


ARSP Summer Camps 2017

ARSP offers around 26 international summer camps for young people from around the world in a number of countries: for example in Italy, France, Russia, Poland and Germany. The participants work, learn and celebrate together – i.e. in restoring Jewish graveyards and memorial sites, supporting anti-racism projects or working with people with disabilities. Application has begun.


Shape Europe!

A conference, four international summer camps and an exhibition as part of the project "Oppression and Resistance" offer exciting insights of history and presence of oppostition, resistance and civic movements in Europe.


More information coming…

Soon you will find more information about the work of ARSP and its volunteers here.