Summer Camp in Puclice 40+

For many years, ARSP volunteers aged 40 and up have supported gardening and maintenance work on Jewish cemeteries in Czech Republic. Past Straz, Ptenin, Nove Sedliste, Bezdruzice and other places, the "summer campers" continue in Puclice and Chodova Plana. For a week-long project the group in Puclice (near Horsovsky Tyn) seeks for support.

The Puclice-participants continue their work! This year, old and new participants will work on the cemetery again.  There are still stones to be overturned, no restoration has been done and the experts are taking over where we have not already been. Nevertheless, vegetation also needs to be removed.

The group will have enough work to do. They will try to find new places for 40+ summer camps in the future.

Accomodations will be located in a hostel in Vranov.

  • Type: International summer camp for the generation 40 +
  • Work: Maintenance work on the Jewish cemetery
  • Group: We expect 12 participants.
  • Camp language: German
  • Accommodation: Simple accommodation in double rooms in a hostel in Vranov
  • Extras: Interested persons can request an initial information letter
The Summer Camp in Puclice


  • Date: 09.05.-17.05.2017
  • Type: International Summer Camp for the Generation 40 years and older
  • Work: Maintenance at the Jewish cemetery
  • Group: max. 12 participants
  • Camp language: German