Summer Camp in Teplice

Most likely, the Jewish cemetery in Teplice-Sobetruhy was created prior to 1500. The oldest readable tombstone is from 1669. Temporarily, Sobetruhy had an exclusively Jewish population. A lot of Jews from out of town, from places like Berlin, Hamburg, and—before the opening of the Old Jewish Cemetery in 1751—Dresden, are buried there.

During and after WWII many of the younger tombstones have been removed or were prepared to be removed. Scrub started to overgrow the graves and vandalism did damages, too. Since the Jewish community in Teplice also owns other, still active cemeteries, the old cemetery in Teplice-Sobetruhy, which used to be the most important one in the region, slowly faded from the picture.

In the meantime, various volunteer efforts have made the this cemetery a “good place” again. Among other things, it is now enclosed again with a fence. This year, we plan to plant ivy along this fence to give it a “green” look. Furthermore, we want to clear more parts of the cemetery from scrub. With the help of two lifting tools we will also try to set the old tombstones upright again, and, if possible, reassemble them. Our efforts will be supported by the Jewish community and the nearby locksmith’s shop which has also built the fence.

This summer camp aims to finish the needed work in this year. For the physially demanding work to set the old tombstones upright again, we mainly seek for support from men. Yet, of course, everyone is welcome and can contribute to the project!

Participants will be staying in the Hotel Panorama which is located on the outskirts of Teplice. Most hotel rooms will be double rooms.

The city, with its gorgeous spa and cultural facilities, is located to the South of the steeply ascending Erz Mountains. In this Bohemian border region different cultures have come together over the centuries, an encounter which we want to study a little bit. Goethe often came to visit the spas of the region and the grave of Seume is located in the middle of Teplice. The city’s castle, theater and the various parks await our visit.

  • Type: International Summer Camp
  • Arbeit: Maintenance work on the Jewish cemetery
  • Group: We expect 12-15 participants.
  • Camp Language: German
  • Accommodation: Hotel Panorama Teplice
  • Arrival & Departure: organisation to car-pool is possible
The Summer Camp in Teplice


  • Date: 06.05.-12.05.2017
  • Type: International Summer Camp for the Generation 40 years and older
  • Work: Maintenance at the Jewish cemetery
  • Group: max. 15 participants
  • Camp language: German