German-Israeli Youth Summer Camp

This 15-day summer camp is aimed at young people from the age of 16 who are interested in learning and involving themselves about the history and present in Israel and Germany. How do we view the relationships between the two countries? What connects us and what makes us different? We invite you to a special search for traces in Jerusalem and Berlin.

Together with ten young Germans and ten young Israelis , we will spend time with each other over two weeks creating friendships, getting to know beautiful cities and going on exciting trips. First of all we will get to know Jerusalem (15.07.-22.07.2019). Immerse yourself in the foundational history of Israel: Which hopes have been fulfilled? What wishes and feelings do the people of Israel today remember about the founding of the state 70 years ago? And what does music have to do with all this?

The encounter between young Germans and Israelis is a particularly special one and along with this should come lots of room for individual family stories and discussions with each other.

After a week you will travel to Berlin (22.07.-29.07.2019) and have the chance to deal with the facets of history and the German-Israeli relationship. What were the relationships between the two former German states and Israel like? In addition, you will talk to representatives of today’s German-Israeli initiatives and discuss how you experience society in Israel and Germany! At the end of the trip we want to party: It is your time to party in Berlin!

To retain all the exciting experiences and encounters, a visual documentation is planned whether you are on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, the decision lies with you.

Accompanying you will be four team leaders consisting of German and Israeli participants. All of these participants have are experienced with ARSP and will assist you in Jerusalem and Berlin through language,local and cultural knowledge.

We await your application!

  • Type: German-Israeli summer camp
  • Work: We are searching for participants who enjoy learning about historical and current topics, in workshops and the development of a creative documentation of the summer camp.
  • Group: We expect 10 German and 10 Israeli participants from the age of 16-19
  • Language: English
  • Accommodation: Nature friendly house in Hermsdorfer Fließtal (Berlin) and community centre Beit Ben Yehuda (Jerusalem)
  • Participant contribution: Participation 1948 NIS (including flights, accommodation, programme and meals). Cover your own costs of travelling to and from the airport in Berlin/Tel Aviv.
  • Information about the project: ARSP Israel Office, email:, telephone: +49 (0)30 28395-188

The German-Israeli Youth Summer Camp


  • Date: 15.07.-29.07.2019
  • Type: German Israeli summer camp
  • Work: Thematic engagement
  • Group: 10 German and 10 Israeli participants between 16 and 19 years of age.
  • Camp language: English
  • Extras: Letter of motivation is requested