Memorial Sites

Whether in Poland, Germany or another country, participants in summer projects engage in versatile work activities in smaller and larger memorial sites with the aim of preserving them as places of commemoration and developing educational programmes.


Jewish Communities

Providing cultural exchanges and promoting solidarity with small and large Jewish communities in Europe is an important feature of our work in this project field. Summer camps help to preserve memorial sites of Jewish culture in Europe.


People with Disabilities

Graffiti, building renovation, garden work and organizing cultural events: The work with people with disabilities entails providing opportunities for real exchanges to take place and helping participants to overcome their fears.


Lots of other projects

Initiatives to promote democratic conduct, music and art projects for young people, engaging in renovation work for former forced labourers: the summer camp programme is as varied as its participants.


Summer Camp in Łódź (Poland) in 2008

A gentle, simple "Thank you" said by an old Israeli, tears of gratefulness in the eyes of two Swiss great-grandchildren of a Jewish lady who died in a ghetto and a Canadian family, descendants of descendants, too, with pictures, film and an exchange of e-mail addresses. In these moments we knew that our work has value. Peter Baumgart, Eva-Maria Egger, Johannes Hering - team leaders