Historical and Political Education

Have you always been interested in history and politics? Can you imagine guiding people around memorial sites, preparing exhibitions or delving into archives? Would you like to organise seminars on democracy or take action against racism and for human rights? Find out more here.


Work with Socially Disadvantaged People

The volunteers work with, for example, refugees, drug addicts, the homeless, and in neighbourhood initiatives, shelters for battered women, or seamens' missions.


Support for People with Disabilities

A volunteer service in this project area is an exciting journey in the course of which one learns to see the world through different eyes.


Social Support for Older People

Patience and understanding are essential when taking care of older people. Improving everyday life will often prove difficult, but as a result even small changes are immensely rewarding both the older person and the volunteer.


Dates for Applicants

  • application: deadlines January 31st
  • interviews: February
  • acceptance and project placement: March
  • beginning of the service: September 1st
  • Service: September 1st until August 31st