The ARSP Office

Employees of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace at the autumn meeting 2015.

Employees of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace at the autumn meeting 2015.

The tasks of the Berlin office include preparatory and review meetings for long-term volunteers, organising international summer camps, coordinating volunteers, public relations, financial management and donation administration, as well as cultivating the many contacts with donors, churches and politics.

In the following you will find activity areas and contacts of the individual staff members. You are free to contact any member of staff directly. Besides full-time staff, the ARSP Office also employs former volunteers as freelancers, thus giving them the possibility to gain additional qualifications. Our efforts could not be realised without the many volunteers who join our teams for seminars, summer camps, work with the association itself and with working groups such as „Blickwechsel“. 


Dr. Dagmar Pruin and Jutta Weduwen

Claudia Stüwe
Alexander Schlote (student assistant EDP)

ARSP-Information Office
General requests "For all applicants" 
Karin Schröder
Friederike Ronacher
Anna-Myrter Palatini (student assistant)

Public Relations
Lena Högemann (consultant)
Hannah Lutat (student assistant)
Johanna Blender (student assistant)
Kristin Brill (communications referee)

Donations, European Voluntary Service, contributions
Anna Rosa Böck (consultant)
Anne Wanitschek (institutional fundraising, donations)
Heike Lemmel

Regional work
Regional groups, circles of friends, church congregations, annual general meeting
Magdalena Scharf (consultant, Deputy)
Kristin Brill (communications referee)
Klarina Akselrud (student assistant)
Sophie Weber (student assistant)
Mariane Pöschel (student assistant)

Voluntary Service Department  1
Selection and coordination / Preparatory seminars / Focus Netherlands and France / Administration Volunteers Department
Claire Steiner (consultant)
Paula Kreutzmann (student assistant)

Voluntary Service Department  2
Focus Poland, Czech Republic and the USA / German program / rememberance trips to Poland
Thomas Heldt (consultant)
Simone Schulz (voluntary department administration)
Bodil Ulm (student assistant, rememberance trips to Poland)
Anne Kathrin Scheffbuch (German program consultant)

Voluntary Service Department  3
Focus Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Norway / Revision seminars
Alexandra Gurkova, current substitute for Sina Gasde (consultant)
Selbi Ataeva (coordinator international summer camps)
Simon Muschik (student assistant)
Kseniia Utievska (student assistant)
Marcel Zentel (student assistant)
Sarah Zwingelstein (volunteer)

Voluntary Service Department  4
Focus Belgium, Israel, Great Britain / international summer camps
Jan Brezger (consultant)
Leo Buddeberg (student assistant)

Project Area Interculturality
Sara Spring (project coordinator)

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kirche & Rechtsextremismus (Federal Association of Church & Right-Wing Extremism)
Kristina Herbst (project coordinator)

Germany Close Up
Isabel Müller (project coordinator)
Martine Perry (project coordinator)
Laura Stöbener (student assistant)

Finance Department
Financial Accounting
Michael Säger (consultant)

Sabine Behr
Susanne Schulz

Voluntary contributors
Helga Schemetzko (support donations)
Karl-Heinz Labitzke (Church contacts in Berlin)
Oskar Kunkel ("ARSP on exploration")
Werner Falk (Study trips)