Information for participants in EU summer camps

Who could participate?

The summer camps were open to interested people of all ages and are international.

  • Everyone aged 18 to 99 from Germany or other EU countries.
  • Everyone who shares the idea of understanding through action and visible commitment.  Young school or university students, working people or those in well-earned retirement – it doesn’t matter.
  • Everyone who is interested in history and its significance for the present and in exchanging ideas about it with others. Each summer camp offers more than just practical assistance; it is also an opportunity for substantive engagement with the project location and the current situation in the country where the the summer camp is taking place.

Participant contribution

The participant contribution was based on country of origin:

  • Germany, Northern, Western & Southern Europe: 60 euros
  • Baltic States, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Romania: 30 euros

Reimbursement of travel expenses

Travel expense reimbursement is possible for EU project summer camps. For this you will receive a reimbursement form from ARSP, which you can send up until 30 October 2017, including the original receipts for your travel expenses. ARSP will then pay the cost by bank transfer to an IBAN/BIC-enabled account.

Cancellation policy

If you have to cancel your participation due to unforeseen circumstances, please let us know as soon as possible. If ARSP hears about your cancellation five weeks before the start of the camp, we will reimburse 80% of the participation contribution. If you cancel later than that, no refund will be made as it is usually not possible to fill the place in such a short time and ARSP is then responsible for costs already incurred, such as booked accommodation.
If you cancel five weeks before the start of the camp, ARSP will reimburse 80% of the participation contribution. After this deadline, a refund is no longer possible.