Summer Camp in Vištytis
12-14 days, early August 2019

Vištytis is a tiny, old and beautiful town located in the south-west of Lithuania, near to the Kaliningrad border, with a little more than 400 permanent residents. Built on the northern shore of the eponymous lake the town and its environs attract many visitors during the warm season who are longing for nature, tranquillity and summer joys. The town's history of over 500 years has been distinctly marked by the presence of Jewish dwellers.

The Summer Camp in Vištytis aims to preserve the town's jewish heritage and prepare information and material for the inventory process of the local Jewish cemetery. Ultimately, it will help to understand about the situation of the cemetery as well as people who had been buried there. The inventory process will cover cleaning and tidying the cemetery from debris and excess of vegetation; digitisation and identifying coordinates of graves; identifying and copying legible inscriptions. Your volunteer work will be a vital part in making this almost lost information accessible to the public again.

The thematic work of this summer camp has to do with the Jewish history and culture in Lithuania, as well as the eventful, complex Lithuanian history in the 20th century. Just as you can see the Russian border from the town today, it shifted over the course of the centuries and Vištytis used to be part of several different countries and empires during its existence. As in all summer camps, the participants are welcome to bring up additional themes that interest them. 

In addition to leisure activities being available in the direct surroundings, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the capital city of Vilnius during the program.

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Maintenance work and documentation on a Jewish cemetery
  • Group: Maximum 11 participants
  • Camp Language:  English
  • Accommodations: Simple Lodging

The Summer Camp in Vištytis


  • Date: 12-14 days, early August
  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Gardening work
  • Group: Maximum 11 participants
  • Camp Language: English