Summer Camp in Białystok & Lublin

The Jewish cemetery in Bialystok is one of the few memorial sites that memorializes the Jews of this region. Jews from around the world, who originally come from Bialystok or are descendants of the city, frequently come to visit. Due to the poor condition of the cemetery, it was often difficult for relatives to identify their relatives there. This year we invite you to a German-Polish-Israeli encounter project in Bialystok.

As one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Poland, Bagnówka Beth Olam demonstrates the meaning of this Jewish metropolis before World War II.  At the beginning of the 1930s, Jews made up almost half of the population.  During the German occupation, like all other Jewish establishments, a large part of the cemetery was destroyed.  For this reason, Action Reconciliation Service for Peace will take on documentation and restoration work here in conjunction with Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej Polska-Israel, Bialyztok.

A particular special moment in the frame of the summer camps is additionally the remembrance of the anniversary of the uprising in the Bialystok Ghetto. This year, the summer camp group will participate in the memorial commemoration of this event in mid-August.

The summer camp offers lots of time for the exchange of remembrance culture in Germany, Poland and Israel. Also Together the participants will travel to Lublin and carry out biographical research of Szloma Albam whose same name charity will make this summer camp possible. This research will help with to immerse in the Jewish life of the early 20th century.

Invitations are open to those who are interested and have energy to deal with a German-Polish-Israeli group with various views and perspectives of remembrance work, to support the preservation of the Bialystok Jewish cemetery and to break new ground with biographical research. On the basis of the particular challenges and the international characters of the summer camp, a good knowledge of English is necessary.

  • Type: Polish-German-Israeli summer camp
  • Work: Restoration of a Jewish cemetery, research about Szloma Albam
  • Group: We expect 5 participants from Israel, Poland and Germany. For participants, there will be a one-day, preparatory meeting. Travel costs are mostly covered by ARSP. Participants will be told the date of the meeting nearer the time.
  • Extras: There is a possibility of a reimbursement of travel costs
  • Language: English (requirement)
  • Accomodation: Simple accomodation in double rooms in a student dorm

The summer camp in Bialystok


  • Date: 04.08.-18.08.2019
  • Type: German-Israeli-Polish summer camp
  • Work: Renovation at a Jewish cemetery
  • Group: 15 participant, ages 18-30
  • Camp language: English
  • Extra: Travel reimbursements possible

Note of gratitude

This summer camp takes place thanks to the generous support of the Szloma Albam Foundation Berlin. ARSP says thank you!