Your financial contribution to the summer camp

Participation fees are set according to the participant’s country of origin

  • Germany, western, northern and southern Europe, North America, Israel: 100 euros with discount/ 130 euros without a discount
  • Baltic states, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary: 40 euros with discount/ 60 euros without a discount
  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, other eastern and southeastern European countries: 25 euros with discount/ 40 euros without a discount

Discounts are available to low-income earners and people without a steady income. Fees may vary for some projects depending on the location and type of project. This is explicitly noted in the announcement for applications to the summer camp.

The participation in a digital summer camp is free of charge.

What additional expenses should you expect to have?

  • Individual arrival and departure

The summer camp begins and ends on the set dates listed. The arrival and departure times are not included in the set dates. The participant must pay for his or her own travel costs to the project site and expenses for acquiring a visa. In the project announcement we try to include travel information and tips on how to travel cheaply to the summer camp.

  • Postal delivery of visa documents

If for participation a visa is required, ARSP will send the letter of invitation via postal service. Participants can choose between three options of postal service. Costs for postage and packing vary: 3,50 Euro normal letter, 9,20 Euro for registered international letter and 11,30 Euro for registered express international letter.

  • Insurance

We will take out accident and liability insurance for all participants.
For non-German participants who are attending a summer camp outside of their home country, we will also take out an additional health insurance. Since proof of insurance is required upon applying for a visa, we suggest that a private health insurance for travel abroad be purchased to avoid problems upon entering the country.
All German participants must acquire insurance for travel abroad themselves. Information is provided by the insurance companies.

  • Private expenses/ spending money

ARSP covers the costs for practical and content-oriented work and leisure activities. Please remember to bring enough spending money to cover your private expenses.

Cancellation Policy

Should you for any reason have to cancel your participation, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. If we receive your cancellation at least 5 weeks before the camp begins, ARSP will refund 80% of the participation fee. If the cancellation occurs later, no refund will be provided since it is difficult to fill the opening in so short a time and ARSP is left to cover the costs of booked lodging, etc.

  • If a cancellation is made at least 5 weeks before the camp begins, ARSP will refund 80% of the participation fee. No refund will be provided for later cancellations.

Covering Partial Expenses

ARSP does not make a profit from the participation fee. It is used to cover the costs for:

  • food during the summer camp
  • lodging at the site
  • excursions and trips admission to museums and other joint cultural activities
  • seminar and building materials
  • liability and accident insurance