People with Disabilities

ARSP started to work with social projects as a consequence of the historical experience that showed what can happen when society maintains an idea of human beings that is based on ideals of toughness, strength and achievement.

Volunteering in the summer for people with and without disabilities

The Nazi race ideology divided members of society into categories of “valuable” and “unworthy of life.” Those considered “unworthy of life” were abused as objects of study by the Nazis. They were imprisoned, exploited and murdered. In addition to family background, factors such as lifestyle and mental disability also determined life and death: Disabled people and people suffering from mental illness did not fit into the Nazi idea of the world and how humans should be.

Despite efforts to get society to accept disabled people without discrimination, they continue to be stigmatized and pitied. We are, however, currently witnessing an intense discussion concerning the degree to which intervention in human genetics should be allowed.

In the summer camps we address the Nazi euthanasia program and conduct contemporary discussions about “valuable” and “desired” life. By working together we hope to overcome everyday prejudices and reservations. We also want to encourage the view of disabled people as equal citizens.