Summer project in Wroclaw

In May 2013, a group of engaged volunteers carried out maintenance work in the Jewish cemetery of Wroclaw, engaging with the history of the site. Between 19 and 73 years of age, the participants shared an intergenerational experience.

I would like to mention the close cooperation with the Jewish community. The warmth with which we were accepted by chairperson Mr. Gleichgewicht and the other members of the community has deeply touched us. "It feels kind of strange - we actually came here to work hard, but we were so generously greeted with presents" said Katharina.

Another point that makes our summer camp so special was the successful cooperation between many generations. Theresa and I (Anna) were, at 20 and 19 years old, the youngest in the group. But that wasn't any obstacle, rather it could be an asset, as we quickly noticed. So it was always exciting for us to hear the stories of people with more life experience; but we could always provide a younger perspective. It was also exciting to hear the various motivations for signing up for a summer camp in Wroclaw. "I actually always wanted to do something practical, set an example, but I was always on duty and never had any time. But now I'm retired and I want to use the time I have for something sensible."

At the cemetery we met two sisters who were looking for family members, and actually found them. It was not the first time, they said, and the year before they had helped two volunteers pick up the fallen gravestone of one of their relatives and set it upright. "Without their work, we probably would not have found the gravestone so quickly."

Anna Kozikowsi,
Summer camp in Wroclaw


This project was made possible by the generous financial support of the “Dr. Hella und Dieter Siekermann-Stiftung im Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.” ASF thanks you!