Summer camp in Deventer

An intensive program was awaiting the participants of the summer camp in Deventer in the Netherlands. In addition to working in the Jewish cemetery and a theatre performance, singing workshops, city tours and a trip to the memorial site Kamp Westerbork were also on the program.

Throughout the summer camp our group was very close as we stayed in tents and our busy program left little time and space to be bored. On the first evening we team leaders heard that the group wanted more free time, but just a few days later this demand was quickly forgotten!

Still the participants were right: we really had a lot to do. We had planned from the beginning, in addition to our work on an old Jewish cemetery, to also put together a street theatre project on the topic of discrimination.

From 9:30 ‘til 12:30 we thus worked almost daily on the old Jewish cemetery in Deventer. We scrubbed and cleaned the gravestones until they looked as they once were. We then painted the letters on the now clean, bright gravestones with black paint. So it was very nice to see, more and more, the progress that we had made and to imagine how nice it must be for relatives to be able to read the grave inscriptions once again without any trouble.

As well as the success of the cemetery work, we worked together with the directors Hanneke Evinik and Peter van Dijk on several afternoons, towards the street theatre performance which we presented on our second last day in Deventer’s city centre.

Farina Maletz, team leader

Summer camp in Deventer

15.07 – 28.07.2012