Summer camp in Dresden

“About neighbors, families, and children: remembering and reconciling yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” This is the title of the German-Polish encounters project led by families from both countries. Young, relatively young and “middle-aged” adults met together for work and exchange in Dresden.

The old Jewish cemetery is a magical place, where one has no fear of death. We work together at this site. But of course our stay in Dresden is not limited to the cleaning up and weeding of the grounds. The children have integrated and settled in quickly. With curiosity, they have asked why the dates on the gravestones are different than what we have on our calendars and how one can read the Hebrew alphabet. They have contemplated who these people in the graves were, how their world looked, and what the symbols, snakes, books, jars, crowns, and plants on the gravestones mean.

For younger children, it had no symbolic dimensions that Polish people and Germans were working together. For them, it was something pretty normal. However, they noticed how important it was for the adults. They learned how this kind of shared activity works and also that the summer camp is a lovely alternative to vacation at the beach.

The children still don’t know much about the history of the Jews. They simply assume that people should be remembered. Now they have just received the first push; new knowledge and curiosity push them farther.

Adriana Kowalska, Teamer
Summer camp in Dresden
27.07. - 03.08.2013