The online registration for the summer camps 2022 is now open.

Czech Republic (Bilina/Teplice)

04.10-12.10.2022 (40+, international)

After regular summer camps have taken place in the Czech Republic in recent years, the work will continue this year in a group over 40.


Germany (Ahrensbök)

15.07-24.07.2022 (16-25 years old, international)

International participants come together to help with the renovation and maintenance of the building at the memorial site in Ahrensbök. The central concern is to draw a bow between the past and the present and to show the topicality of issues such as exclusion and violation of human rights.


Germany (Berlin)

20.07-31.07.2022 (18-30 years old, international)

The summer camp takes place in cooperation with the International Youth Meeting Centre (IYMC) of the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre. At the core of the project there will be biography work and a development of a staged reading on the topic of NS-forced labour.


Germany (Buchenwald)

24.07-06.08.2022 (18-30 years old, international))

Buchenwald near Weimar has a multi-layered and ambiguous history. The participants of the summer camp deal with this history in various ways with content-related support from the educational department of the memorial.


Hungary (Budapest)

23.07-06.08.2022 (from 18 years old, international)

A summer camp hosted in Budapest - one of the largest and most dynamic Jewish communities in Europe. In cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Association "Mazsike", participants will immerse themselves in the past and present of Jewish life in Hungary and get to know modern Budapest and the countryside against the backdrop of its long and multifaceted history.


Israel and Germany

04.08.-18.08.2022 (16-19 years old)

The German-Israeli summer camp is currently still in the planning stage. Please check again at the end of April for more information.


Latvia (Višķi )

16.08.-30.08.2022 (18-30 years old, international)

Višķi is a village near Daugavpils in South-East Latvia, a wonderful area with three lakes: and also a shtetl (village). Like a thousand other smaller and larger villages and towns in Eastern Europe, where there was a flourishing landscape of Jewish life with spiritual center: the synagogue.


Poland (Wrocław)

15.05-28.05.2022 (intergenerativ, international)

The Jewish cemetery in Wroclaw, which has been used as a burial ground by the Jewish Community of Breslau / Wroclaw since 1902, needs a lot of helpers for its restoration. After summer camps have taken place regularly in recent years, the work will continue this year in a intergenerative group. The summer camp is primarily aimed at people aged 40 and over, but is open to anyone of legal age who is interested.