Summer Camp in Budapest

© Marton Meresz

A summer camp hosted in Budapest - one of the largest and most dynamic Jewish communities in Europe. In cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Association "Mazsike", participants will immerse themselves in the past and present of Jewish life in Hungary and get to know modern Budapest and the countryside against the backdrop of its long and multifaceted history.

The roots of this summer camp program are closely tied to the work in Hungary. Physical labor includes light gardening and maintenance work to preserve and repair the extensive Jewish cemetery and its gravestones. We also want to point out that there is a danger of ticks at the cemetery.The largest Jewish cemetery in Hungary with its ancient tombstones and mausoleums is located just outside the city center and is easily accessible by public transportation from the heart of the city where the summer camp group will be staying. It is also planned to spend a few days in the countryside and work at the Jewish cemetery there.

The participants will learn about the special and eventful history of Hungarian Jews in a variety of ways: through historical city walks through the beautiful Old Town of Budapest, visits to the various synagogues, conversations with representatives of the Jewish community and with people who survived the Nazi occupation in the city.

As part of the summer camp, volunteers will have the opportunity to explore forms of resistance to the persecution of the Jews. What was the so-called international ghetto, what role did diplomats play in saving Jewish lives, where were there other forms of resistance? How are these questions dealt with today, how and what is remembered? Does it have anything to do with Hungary and Europe today?

In the free time, the summer camp offers the chance to discover the country - the capital and a rural region - on your own.

  • Type: International summer camp for participants currently living in the EU from 18 years old
  • Work: Maintenance work at the Jewish cemetery
  • Group: We expect 25 participants
  • Camp language: English
  • Accommodation: Student residence in a central location