Summer camp Flossenbürg
Digital archive work

© KZ-Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg/Thomas Dashuber

The ASF summer camp will take place at the Flossenbürg concentration camp memorial. In addition to the intensive examination of the site itself and current issues of remembrance culture, the focus will be on the work on the digital archive "Memorial Archives".

In summer 2023, a summer camp will be held at the Flossenbürg concentration camp memorial site for the third time. The town of Flossenbürg is located in Bavaria, just a few kilometers from the Czech-German border. In 1938, the SS established a camp there with the goal of exploiting prisoners through forced labor in the granite quarry. From 1943, the camp became an armament site for the Messerschmitt company. Approximately 100,000 prisoners from 35 countries were in Flossenbürg concentration camp and its satellite camps. At least 30,000 prisoners did not survive the camp.

Traces and testimonies of the crimes can still be found here today. At the historical site, participants can approach the past, contribute their observations and experiences, and reflect on existing images of history together. In addition to dealing with the history of the site, participants will learn about new standards in archival work through work on the digital archive "Memorial Archives" and contribute to its further development.

The Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial offers a platform for discussions on the topic of remembrance culture in a national and transnational context. More than 75 years after the end of National Socialism, one can explore the question of what this history has to do with us and what it means today. In doing so, everyone brings their own questions and approaches to the historical events, persecution, crimes and extermination. The memorial opens a space in which these topics are initiated and accompanied in dialogue with others and in a variety of ways.

The international encounter is supplemented by thematic excursions (e.g. to Nuremberg), as well as by an experience-oriented framework program. Joint sporting and cultural events and leisure activities in the region strengthen togetherness and offer a balance to the intensive exchange of content.

  • Focus of work: Input into the digital archive database of the memorial site
  • Group: Up to 15 participants, 18-35 years old
  • Language: English and German
  • Accommodation: Shared room in a nearby youth center with self-catering.

The Summer Camp in Flossenbürg


  • Date: 05.08.-19.08.2019
  • Type: International
  • Work: Database entry
  • Group: max. 15 participants
  • Camp language: English, German