Summer Camp
Diversity and Gender roles in Germany and Israel.

The summer camp deals with topics of gender, sex and identity in history and in the present in the context of the queer society and is aimed at interested people between 16 and 21 years.

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What differences in the perception of diversity and gender are present in Israel and German? And how have these been shaped by religion, society and history? What are the parallels?

The project focuses on workshops, lectures, city tours, museum visits and, above all, encounters with people. We will first set out for Berlin (03.08.-10.08.2023) and discover the city with all its diversity. Together we want to question gender-specific role concepts and diversity in German society and reflect on our own ideas.
After one week we will go to Jerusalem (10.08.-17.08.23). There we have the opportunity to deal with the different facets of Israeli society. In this place Judaism, Islam and Christianity meet, which influence the lives of people as individuals as well as society as a whole.

In addition to the current socio-political relevance, the topic is also historically significant, because queer people were also a point of attack during the Nazi era, for example through the persecution of homosexuals, also through the massive restriction of women's rights Today, the gender images of that time have changed, and there is more tolerance and a pronounced diversity with regard to sexual identity and role concepts in both countries.
Nevertheless, in both states those people who do not conform to dominant role models face oppression and sometimes even violence. therefore we address this issue, and more importantly, the participants will become active in promoting how we can build a better future for all of us.

The exchange between young people from Israel and Germany is valuable and of particular importance. Due to the National Socialist past, the people of both countries are inevitably connected with each other. Therefore, during the summer camp we will deconstruct prejudices and promote cultural exchanges. Together we want to remember the past and set a sign for the future through the valuable encounters.

We are already looking forward to a solidary and considerate summer camp.

  • Type: German-Israeli summer camp
  • Work: We are looking for participants who enjoy dealing with current socio-political, historical and queer issues, workshops and developing a creative documentation of the summer camp.
  • Group: We expect 8-9 participants each from Germany and Israel, aged 16-21.
  • Camp language: English
  • Accommodation: in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf (Berlin) and in the international meeting place Beit Ben Yehuda (Jerusalem).
  • Extras: Interested parties are asked to send a letter of motivation in addition to the online application.
  • Participation fee:
    Participants from Germany 650,- € (incl. flights, accommodation, program and meals)
    Participants from Israel 2100,- ILS (incl. flights, accommodation, program and meals)
    Travel to and from the airport in Berlin/Tel Aviv must be paid by the participants themselves.