Viski, Latvia 16.08.-30.08.2022

"The Latvian village of Višķi without a synagogue - (What's next?").
Maintaining Europe's memory and shaping the future together

Višķi is a village near Daugavpils in South-East Latvia, a wonderful area with three lakes: and also a shtetl (village). Like a thousand other smaller and larger villages and towns in Eastern Europe, where there was a flourishing landscape of Jewish life with spiritual center: the synagogue. Today in Višķi only the three visible steps on a foundation can be discovered as the remains of the synagogue, hidden under grass. A place without a synagogue - What's next?

The workcamp aims to awaken interest and sensitize especially young people from different countries to the Jewish history of the Višķi shtetl as an example of the Jewish history of Latvia and Eastern Europe, in order to shape the future together. With the practical work by the participants at the site of the synagogue to uncover the foundation surface, to carry out measurements under the guidance of surveyors, to garden and clean the synagogue foundation and the Jewish cemetery, as well as in the state archives in Daugavpils, an active sign shall be set for understanding and making visible the Jewish heritage in the small community, on the basis of which the monument will be created. The work in Višķi will be complemented by a thematic approach to the history of the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional place, as well as references to Jewish culture in Latvia in the past and present.

With the practical work by the participants at the site of the synagogue and at the Jewish cemetery in close contact with representatives of the community and residents of the place, an active sign for peace and understanding is set.

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Excavation, Jewish history and life
  • Group: We expect 12 participants.
  • Camp languages: English
  • Accommodation: Youth hostel in the village of Višķi near Daugavpils.