Summer Camp in Brest and Minsk

The participants of the summer camp will help the elderly people by doing cleaning work in their apartments to brighten their daily life and living. Participants will also create some leisure time activities for them. During the process, participants will learn a lot about the history of both the cities of Brest and Minsk and the local Jewish community. This summer camp warmly welcomes volunteers with and without children who wish to contribute.

The Jewish organization "Hessed David" coordinates home visits and other supportive measures for elderly, often lonely, people in Brest. These measures include cultural activites, festivities, and conversation rounds for former victims of the Nazi occupation of Belarus. Through publications and events, Hessed David also ensures that the Jewish history of the region is not being forgotten.

This year, the summer camp participants will support Hessed David. By doing so, they will have the chance to learn more about the organization and the financial, social, and psychological support work Hessed David is doing. In personal conversations with survivors, they will get the chance to hear more about the survivors' experiences while also engage with the topic of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union on a personal level.

Apart from looking into the topics of occupation and forced labor, summer camp participants will also learn about the culture of remembrance and the process of coming to terms with the past in the countries from which their fellow participants come from.

During their free time, the summer camp participants have the opportunity to discover the surrounding area, the city and its many parks, museums and galleries!

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Renovation and clean up work at the homes of former forced laborers and concentration camp inmates
  • Group: We expect 12 participants.
  • Extras: The summer camp is open to volunteers with children. The participation fee for children varies and is lower than for adults. For further information on the idea and concept of the family-friendly summer camp please read the infosheet at the right hand side of this page.  Please feel free to also contact the office for international summer camps (sommer[at] on furhter question.
  • Camp languages: English and Russian
  • Accommodation: lodging in a very good hostel, self-catering