Summer Camp on Crete

After about twenty years, Crete will be host to a ARSP summer camp again in 2019. In the west of the island we will explore its rich history and get to know the local life and people. Welcome to a summer camp in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea!

Crete's multifaceted history is known going back to ancient times. During our summer camp we want to focus on a less well-known part of public memory: the time of the german occupation of this greek island in World War 2. Based in the village of Gonia, 220m above sea level, the participants will venture on excursions to many corners of the island and formerly occupied villages. They will meet witnesses of the period, learn about occupation and resistance and take a look at the role of religion and the church.

Besides themetical discussions and historical learning on site, this summer camp will also get practical: light gardening and renovation works as well as supporting the greek-orthodox community in preparing festivities at a local monastery.

This summer camp aims to bring together people from different backgrounds and generations. We want to learn together from the past and overcome negative pictures of one another which have dominated public opinions in recent years.

  • Type: International Summer Camp
  • Work: gardening and renovation works
  • Group: We expect 15 international participants.
  • Camp Language: English
  • Accomodation: guest house
  • Information on the project: (Please don't direct any enquiries there!)