Summer camp in Hartheim
11.08.-24.08. 2019

Hartheim castle (in the community Alkoven of Upper Austria), from 1940 until 1944, was a Nazi euthanasia institution where up to 30,000 people with mental and physical disabilities, people with mental illnesses and concentration camps prisoners were murdered. Some of them were patients from psychiatric institutions and others were prisoners from the concentration camps of Mauthausen, Gusen, Ravensbrück and Dachau, as well as forced labourers.

Around 60 years later, the Memorial for the Victims of National Socialist Euthanasia and the exhibition “Value of Life” was created in the castle on the initiative of the Hartheim Castle Association. The house was opened in 2003.

Today the Hartheim Learning and Memorial Site is a place of documenting, commemorating and learning. It also addresses current issues of biomedicine and ethics as well as the current ‘value of life’ situation of people with disabilities.

In the first week of the summer camp the participants will get to know the Hartheim Learning and Memorial Site and will carry out various tasks there. This work includes manual activities inside and outside and around the castle as well as other content activities in the archive, memorial and exhibition. During free time there is also the possibility to get to know the state captial of Linz and its surroundings.

In the second week we will live and work at an inclusive anthroposophic farm. The accommodation will be simple: we will sleep in sleeping bags and on sleeping mats on the floor. Therefore we expect exciting encounters with people with and without disabilities who live and work at the court: in the barn, in the garden, on the field or in the workshops, our supporting hands are needed everywhere during harvest time.

The group will stay in the sports hall of Institute Hartheim - Centre for Care and Support for People with cognitive and multiple Impairment. Please bring camping mats and sleeping bags! It will be simple accomodation, but we're looking forward to exciting encounters and work with people with and without impairment.

Of course we will also have enough opportunities for an exchange with the people as well as enough time for a nice moment to enjoy the nature and tranquility.

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Gardening and cleaning up, content work in the archive and exhibition
  • Group: We expect 12-14 participants.
  • Language: German
  • Quarters: Simple accommodation in the castle's sport hall - please bring camping mat and sleeping bag