Summer Camp in Měcholupy 40+

The elderly volunteer summer camp continues! Experienced and new participants are invited to support the work in the summer camp.

Coordinates: 50°15'56.0" North, 13°32'26.0" East

This year we will be at the Jewish cemetery in Měcholupy. The cemetery is located some 70km north-west of Prague and will require man power to set the old tombstones upright and to remove unwanted growth. Since this will be the first time that work is done there, short term plan changes are possible.

At the moment the group plans a rest day after three days of working, filled with exploring the cultural sites in the area. They are abundant in Böhmen and all around our accomodation in Žatec.

In addition to the work, initial research for further summer camp sites for over 40s projects is being undertaken. A maximum of 10 participants are needed for the work on re-erecting the stones and the cleaning of them.

  • Type: International over 40s summer camp
  • Work: Renovation work on the Jewish cemeteries
  • Group: We expect around 10 to 12 participants
  • Language: German
  • Accommodation: Simple accommodation in double rooms in a B&B