International summer camp in Flossenbürg

This summer, the second summer camp will be held in the memorial site at the former Flossenbürg concentration camp. Flossenbürg, in the Upper Palatinate, is just a few kilometres away from the Czech-German border. In 1938 the SS established the forced labour camp here to exploit the prisoners by making them work in the granite quarry.

From 1943 the camp was an armaments site for the company Messerschmitt. Some 100,000 prisoners from 35 countries found themselves in the Flossenbürg concentration camp and its sub-camps. At least 30,000 prisoners did not survive.

Traces and evidence of the crimes committed here are still visible. At the historic site, the participants can encounter the past, contribute their observations and experiences and reflect on perceptions of history together. Working with the database, you can explore the life stories and the fate of individual people who were imprisoned in Flossenbürg.

The Flossenbürg memorial site also provides a platform for discussion on the subject of cultures of memory. More than 70 years after the end of national socialism, you can try to find your own answers to the question “how should we handle the past in the present?” Every generation and every nation have their own issues and approaches to the historical events, to persecution, crimes and destruction. As a learning site, Flossenbürg is a space where diverse, open and communicative processes of historical learning can be initiated and accompanied.

International encounter and mutual exchange are complemented by a wide-ranging, experience-oriented programme of activities. Joint sporting and cultural events and leisure activities in the region strengthen cooperation and make it easier to process what we have seen together.

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Data entry in the database of the memorial site
  • Group: Max. 15 participants
  • Camp languages: English, German
  • Accommodation: Multi-bed rooms in Altglashütte in a comfortable youth hostel. Self catering and cooking together