Summer Camp in Neckarzimmern

The French-German summer camp in Neckarzimmern will follow the traces of the Badian Jews in World War II. We invite you to get to know this region with its intriguing history and charming landscapes!

We will explore the stories and history of the Jews of Baden who were deported to southern France in October 1940. Engaging in this thematic part of our summer camp we will learn together in historical workshops, discussions, excursions to the old cities of Heidelberg and Heilbronn and speaking with a survivor. Furthermore this summer camp will involve practical work in Neckarzimmern as well: our group will help in building a new path on the grounds of the memorial for the deported Jews, so it can again be accessed by all people who come here.

We will stay at the Youth Education Centre directly adjacent to the memorial site. Besides working with our heads and hands, we will enjoy a wide variety of leisure time activities in the region. This summer camp invites all motivated young adults (18-30) from France and Germany!


  • Type: French-German Summer Camp
  • Work: Constructing a pathway at the memorial site
  • Group: 12-14 participants from France and Germany
  • Language: English
  • Lodging: Double rooms in direct vicinity of the memorial site
  • Participation fee: For all participants is 130€ (regular) or 100€ (reduced)
  • Reimbursement of travel costs: We can reimburse a part (up to maximum 150 Euro) of your travel costs.