Summer Camp in Budapest

© Marton Meresz

Join us for a summer camp in Budapest – the home of one of the largest and most dynamic Jewish communities in Europe. In cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Association participants will immerse themselves in the past and present of Jewish life in Hungary and get to know Budapest today against the background of its long and diverse history.

Sommerlager in Budapest, Ungarn 2011

The roots of the summer camp programme of ARSP are closely linked to the work in Hungary. This is the third year of our cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Association and the Jewish community of Budapest.

The participants will discover the special and varied history of the Hungarian in many different ways: through a historic city tour of Budapest’s beautiful old town, visits to different synagogues, conversations with representatives the Jewish community and with people who have survived the Nazi occupation of the city.

The physical work includes light gardening and maintenance to preserve and restore the sprawling cemetery complex and its tombstones. The largest Jewish cemetery in Hungary, with its old tombstones and mausoleums, is situated just outside the city centre and is easy to reach by public transport from the heart of the city, where the summer camp group will live.

As part of the summer camp programme, volunteers will have the opportunity to explore forms of resistance against the persecution of the Jews. What was the ‘international’ ghetto, what role did diplomats play in saving Jewish lives, where were other forms of resistance to be found? How are these questions handled today, how and what is remembered? Does this have anything to do with Hungary and Europe today?

In your free time you will have the chance to discover the vibrant capital city on your own initiative. Also the Jewish Cultural Association will invite us to many interesting events such as concerts, readings and culinary excursions. You can experience the famous Budapest coffee house culture, explore the summery Danube promenade and visit numerous landmarks such as the castle hill or the ornate parliament. If all goes according to plan, our work at the summer camp might become part of a Hungarian documentary film.

Welcome to an exciting fortnight in Hungary!

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Gardening and handicraft activities
  • Group: We expect 15 participants
  • Camp language: English
  • Accommodation: Student residence in a central location