Summer camp in Kokelv & Oslo

Remember - Encounter - Act: Back to the roots of ARSP in Norway

This year we take a look back at 60 years of Norwegians and Germans working for peace and reconciliation between the two countries. The international summer camp in Kokelv invites you to get active by restoring the chapel which was built by ARSP volunteers in 1960. The camp offers encounter and exchange among the participants as well as with the local people and thus seeks to encourage a multi-perspective examination of Nazi crimes and the long lasting effects of their scorched earth policy.

Kokelv, the northernmost of this year’s ARSP summer camps, located about 70° northern latitude, half-way between Alta and Nordkap, is a special place! Not only is it special in this region for, with its 80 inhabitants, it still has a kindergarden, shop and senior citizens home. It is an extraordinary place for the history of ARSP as well. Kokelv was the site of ARSP’s second construction project in 1960. As this year marks the 60th anniversary of ARSP volunteer work in Norway, we want to go back where it all started. All former volunteers in long-term services and summer camps are just as warmly invited as are new participants.

Practical work: Participants will restore the chapel which was built by ARSP in 1960.

Thematical work: Through excursions, research and topical workshops, participants will get to know more about the region’s history and the challenges it faces today, for example when it comes to Sjøsamen.

Anniversary celebrations in Oslo: At the end of the summer camp we will celebrate ARSP’s 60 years in Norway. The anniversary event on August 29th in Oslo brings together long-term project partners, volunteers and companions. In the evening the German embassy will welcome us, so please bring some festivattire.

During August northern Norway experiences midnight sun, so it will be somewhat bright even in the night.

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: Renovating work in Kokelv
  • Group: We expect 12 participants.
  • Accomodation: In Kokelv: camping in tents, you can bring your own tent or rent one there. Please bring camping mat and sleeping bag! If needed a quarter with a proper bed could be arranged. In Oslo: Multi-bed rooms in hostel close to city centre.
  • Extra: The summer camp starts in Kokelv and ends in Oslo.
  • Language: English