Summer Camp in Wrocław 40+

The new Jewish cemetery on Airport Street/ul. Lotnicza, which has been used as a burial site continually by the Jewish community of Breslau/ Wroclaw, needs a lot of helpers to restore it. Since there have been regular summer camps here, the work will continue this year with a group of the generation over 40..

The place that this summer camp will work on is the old, larger part of the Jewish cemetery, which was still in use up to the end of the Second World War. It is unkempt and faced severe damage in places; the northern part is completely overgrown. In “Area 5” of the cemetery, work will begin by removing wood and branches, cleaning up and removing the growth of wild plants. The gravestones which have thus been cleared will be – as far as possible – set upright and repaired. The work on “Area 24” where Jewish forced labourers and concentration camp prisoners were buried during the Second World War, needs to be cleared of wood which is lying there and the growth needs to be cut back to make the graves visible. The work will be directed by the cemetery’s professional staff.

Wroclaw presents itself as a very lively city with a distinctive atmosphere, a “city of encounters”. The summer camp programme includes getting to know the city, past and present, in particularly the traces of Jewish life, and many ways of encountering the city’s people, culture, religion and nature. Participants will have the opportunity to discover a unique, history-filled and modern city.

  • Type: International summer camp
  • Work: maintenance work on the Jewish cemetery
  • Group: We expect 12-15 participants.
  • Camp languages: German, English and Polish
  • Accommodation: Accommodation in double and triple rooms in the Lutheran parish guest house.