Summer Camps 40+

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For several years, volunteers of the 40+ generation have engaged in maintenance and repair work on Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic. The degree of physical work varies in the different projects and is addressed individually. 40+ summer camp are continually growing in popularity. This year 40+ summer camps take place in Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Experienced summer campers and newcomers are welcome!

  • What does the term 40+ summer camp mean?

With the 40+ summer camp we would particularly like to address those volunteers who prefer to work in a non-youth group and would like to experience the history on site. In general, however, the majority of ARSP summer projects is open to people of all generations starting from 18 years. Members of the 40+ generation can also register for all the other projects, just as younger interested parties can support the 40+ summer camps, should they wish. For participation in a 40+ summer camp, applications of older participants are advantaged.

  • Who can take part­?

Anyone is welcome who is capable of doing manual work in a one to two weeks project and who enjoys learning about culture, history and current events in the respective summer camp country. The amount of work varies from summer camp to summer camp and is usually 5-6 hours.

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  • How does the application process work?

Registration for the 40+ summer camps is expected to begin in April 2022 and all registrations will be collected soon. Upon acceptance for a summer camp, the office for the international summer camps will send an email and ask for payment of the participation fee. The team leaders of the summer camps will then contact the participants and inform them about the current status of the planning.

  • How much does participation cost?

The participation fee including food, programme and accommodation is according to the info on "costs" on our summer camp website. Concerning your travel arrangement we offer advice, yet cannot cover your expenses.