Questions for applicants

1. Why do you want to do a volunteer peace service?

2. Please write something about your past experiences, activities, and interests; what kinds of abilities can you contribute? What are your experiences with living and working together with other people?

3. In which fields of activities and projects would you like to be involved during your service, and why? Which fields of activities are you not at all interested in, and why not?

4. What country are you applying for (Germany / Great Britain / Poland)? What is attractive to you about a volunteer service in this country? What are your hopes? Is there something worrying you?

5. Why do you want to do a volunteer peace service with ASF (ARSP)? When you compare the information about ASF and its goals with your own: Where do you see similarities and differences? Do you have any questions?

Please include the answers to these five questions in your application.

Dates for Applicants

  • application deadline: January 31st, 2021
  • for applicants from Belarus & Ukraine: 31.12.2020
  • interviews: February
  • acceptance and project placement: March
  • beginning of the service: September 1st
  • Service: September 1st until August 31st