Partner Countries

ASF offers projects for volunteers from all countries in Germany, for volunteers from Poland in Great Britain, and for volunteers from Ukraine in Poland. The application deadline for a volunteer service starting in September 2022 is January 2022.


Today there are 16 placements for volunteers in Poland. Volunteers work in the memorial sites, as well as in the International Youth Centre and in the Jewish Centre in Oświęcim. They visit former prisoners, support human rights organizations, or work with children and youth. Most of the volunteers live and work in large cities, such as Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Lublin, and Łódź.


Great Britain

Today approximately 12 volunteers from Germany and Poland are active in mid- and southwest England and in London. They work in historical and political fields, and with the socially disadvantaged – often in city centres – with mentally and physically challenged individuals.



Currently, there are about 20 ARSP volunteers from various countries living in Germany. They are engaged in projects dedicated to social work, historical education, and political action.


ASF offers projects for