Volunteer Services for Volunteers not from Germany

The following information is only relevant to applicants not from Germany who want to do their volunteer service in Germany, Great Britain or Poland.

Peace Service with ASF

Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste - ASF (Action Reconciliation Service for Peace - ARSP) has worked towards reconciliation and peace for almost sixty years.

Our efforts are realized in the form of international voluntary service. We refer to our voluntary services as »peace service« because we and our partner organizations work together to exercise understanding and solidarity for the promotion of justice, peace, and the defense of human rights.

There are currently 20 international volunteers in Germany. Additionally, altogether 180 volunteers are now involved with ASF in Belarus, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the United States. With the exception of projects in Great Britain and Poland, we only send volunteers from Germany to these countries. In Great Britain, volunteers both from Germany and from Poland work and learn together. In Poland, volunteers both from Germany and from the Ukraine work and learn together.

Foto: ASF/Nils Bornemann


Most volunteers are between 18 and 27 years old, but older people are also certainly welcome to participate in our programme. We're looking for volunteers who are interested in politics and history.

Christian roots

ARSP welcomes volunteers from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. The founders of ARSP were Protestant Christians from the Confessing Church, but from the beginning we have purposefully worked ecumenically. In connection with this ecumenical openness, ARSP deals with the concept of Christian anti-Semitism, which formed the foundation upon which the organized acceptance of the extermination of the Jewish people was built. For this reason Jewish-Christian dialogue is a central concern of ARSP.

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