Volunteer Service in the Berlin Gay Museum

September 1st, 2019 - August 31st, 2020 - Apply now!

The Berlin Gay Museum is a unique institution with an international reputation. Since its founding in 1985, it has developed to a place dedicated to art and history in the field of homosexualities and thereby also in the sense of queer. Queer comprises here different sexual positions as trans, lesbian, and gay and takes them on intersectionally in the context of other questions of society; at the same time for the Schwules Museum this is a question of a perspective that has a look on the world in a queer mode.

The Gay Museum presents exhibitions and performs events and owns a voluminous archive and a library. It considers to be its task to preserve and to present  different forms and documents of cultural, scientific, social and political expressions and activities as well as to further the work with them. In this the Gay Museum is as well a place of the community as an institution, that represents the concerns of LSBTQI within a broader public.

The Gay museum today has about 60 members of staff of which around 10 are employed -  in part time, for limited projects, scientists or interns. Most of the staff work in a honorary capacity.

We are looking for a person who assists the Press and Public Relations department of the Gay Museum as well as its exhibition office.

You are interested in LSBTIQ*-topics and have a self directed work approach.
You have good German and English language skills (at least B1/B2), you have experience with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and you are experienced with Microsoft Office and internet applications.
This project is combined with a social project, befriending elderly people (Jewish Community).

You can find all information concerning the application here: https://www.asf-ev.de/english/volunteer-service/application/