Świętujemy 60 lat ASF!

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of ASF!

David and Vika's life in post-industrial Łódź

Although the city is not that pretty, the atmosphere is very good and many things are waiting to be discovered, so we are never bored.


Meet Nina from Kraków

I work at the Support Centre with children with disabilities, and honestly I can't imagine my days without them.


A little taste of Poland by Mona from Lublin

I had the feeling like I would only eat. That was really nice and I was positively surprised how open they are towards my diet.


Lilian and Pani Maria from Gdańsk

The strange, old lady has become Pani Maria, and the strange country I moved to in September has become Poland, my new home where I can now greet neighbors by name.

Manuel's Big City Life in Warsaw

The database [we are working on] would allow to search where exactly the grave of the person is located and show information about the cemetery and a photograph of the grave.