David and Vika's reflections on volunteering in Łódź

Maximilian Kolbe Werk (Łódź)

#kochamłódź means "I love Łódź"

Our project is about helping the Holocaust survivors. They are mostly advanced in years, that is why they need our support in their everyday life. The Maximilian-Kolbe-Werk (the organisation we are working at) helps them as much as they can. Our daily tasks are divided into two parts: one of us brings lunch to the elderly people, while the other visits another person at home to assist them in the household chores. We both are very happy with our project, although it is not always that easy. For instance, Polish is a difficult language, so sometimes there are problems with understanding each other and sometimes, because of that, we have to deal with situations which are not easy to handle. The elderly people are often sick and weak, additionally they forget many things. But they, as well as the staff at work, are patient and always help us, that is why no problem remains unsolved. Luckily those situations are very rare and end up without major complications.

Usually, what we do with the people we visit is almost the same every time. That means we do the shopping, clean their houses or just talk with them while drinking a cup of tea. They often tell stories about their life or about their family, sometimes about the Second World War. I love playing chess, so I am really happy that there is one man with whom I play from time to time. That shows, that our work field is diverse and even though we there is some kind of a routine, every day is still full of surprises for us.

In general, we enjoy the life in Poland, especially in Łódź. Although the city is not that pretty, the atmosphere is very good and many things are waiting to be discovered, so we are never bored. To get an impression of other Polish cities and Polish culture, we travel a lot in our free time. Furthermore, we visit other volunteers, because it is always a nice opportunity to talk about the experiences and observations we have.