ARSP Project Fields

ARSP has a number of different Project Fields, all offering numerous opportunities to discover and experience the rich diversity and variety of UK society on a daily basis.

ARSP works alongside various organisations in a number of fields, catering to a range of interests and skills. Volunteers currently work with elderly people and support people with special needs and disabilities; they work with the Jewish community and with social minorities, such as Roma; and they work in historical and political education projects.

The involvement of ARSP volunteers in these fields upholds and represents the different aims of ARSP. On the one hand engaging with forms of remembrance and memory to understand history and its connections to the present. Supporting elderly people and Jewish communities provides the best direct access to history, helping our understanding of contemporary society and ability to form an effective and constructive critique of it.

On the other hand ARSP's other Project Fields provide a focus for today. ARSP volunteers work to ensure minority groups are not victims of discrimination or intolerance. In this way they are responding to the lessons of the past and overtly demonstrating their commitment to upholding democracy and democratic structures. This commitment reflects a desire to prevent further genocides and a belief that the past should not be allowed to repeat itself, which is why ARSP is also committed to fighting all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism.