ARSP Project Partners

Over the years ARSP has sought to acquire project partners who reflect our values and aims. We work closely with our partners to ensure our volunteers can enjoy and make the most of their Voluntary Service.

The Aegis Trust - London - is a charity working to prevent genocide and mass atrocities worldwide through education, research and the dissemination of advice and information. 

Association of Jewish Refugees - London - is an organisation assisting and representing Jewish victims of National Socialist persecution who emigrated to the UK after 1933.

Coventry Cathedral - Coventry - provides practical support for local, national and international communities through the Ministry of Reconciliation.

Coventry Mind - Coventry - local branch of the national mental health charity, working with all ages - from children to the elderly - from drop in centres to supported housing.

The Jewish Museum - London - a museum for people of all backgrounds and faiths that encourages creativity and discovery in the exploration of British Jewish heritage, identity and culture.

Leo Baeck Institute - London - is a research institute recording the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry throughout Central Europe.

Pursuing Independent Paths - London - offers a flexible and dynamic range of services, including a full range of training and education, to young people with a range of learning disabilities.

Queen Victoria Seaman's Rest - London - provides accommodation for merchant seamen and for former members of the Royal Navy, the Fleet Air Arm and other units with maritime links. Servicemen from across the armed forces and homeless men who require support are also welcome.

Roma Support Group - London - aims to improve the quality of life for Roma refugees as well as raising awareness in society of the discrimination and problems faced by Roma people.  

Southwark Day Centre for Asylums Seekers - London - supports asylum seekers and refugees. The SDCAS runs three day centres in South London and provides legal advice, health advice and language classes as well as a social space for people in need.

Wiener Library - London - the internationally renowned Wiener Library holds the largest Holocaust archive in the UK.

"Our ARSP volunteer has more than met our expectation. We are very satisfied indeed with her contribution to the overall work of the organisation. The fact of having an ARSP volunteer with us means that we have an additional human resource person in our work." Gillian Reeve - SDCAS