Interested in becoming an ARSP Project Partner?

Project Partners play a vital role in providing young people from Germany and Poland with the opportunity to undertake ARSP voluntary service.

Every September 10-15 young people from Germany and Poland begin working at projects in London and Coventry for ARSP. This can only be achieved through co-operation between ARSP and our project partners, who host the volunteers on behalf of ARSP. Our project partners are therefore central in offering committed and enthusiastic young people the chance to spend a year doing something both useful and enriching.

ARSP placements last for year, running from September to September. With the exception of attending occasional seminars volunteers work full time in their project and are expected to make an active and positive contribution. In return for this work project partners provide accommodation and a small allowance, whilst ARSP covers travel costs and insurance. ARSP always aims to develop productive long-term relationships with partners, that are beneficial to both ARSP and the partner, as well as the volunteers involved.

Over the 50 years ARSP has been active in the UK we have been able to build up a number of excellent partnerships. We are, however, always keen to find new partners, in order to be able to offer placements to even more young people.

If you think your organisation might be interested in this exciting opportunity please contact our London office for further details - grossbritannien[at]