Volunteer Services with ARSP

Here you can find information on our one-year volunteer services as well as our international summer camps.

Trilateral Programme UK

The Trilateral Programme gives young people from Germany and Poland the opportunity to become one-year volunteers in the UK. The projects are diverse: volunteers are engaged in the fields of political and historical education, social support for the elderly, and social work.


Programme in Germany

ARSP runs an international voluntary service programme in Germany that is open to people from all countries. Application deadlines for a volunteer service beginning in September is in January.


International Summer Camps

Every year ARSP Summer Camps aim to bring young people together for a short period to engage with the past and consider the present. Whether in Russia, France, Israel or another country: If you are ready to learn, engage, and support a project with your own hands, you can become a part of a unique experience.


"For me the Trilateral Programme is such an enriching experience, because during the year we don't just get to know one but actually two cultures. Our awareness of English culture is more acute, because we are experiencing and sharing it from the perspectives of our own cultures." Manuel Holtmann, former ARSP volunteer in Coventry