Voluntary services as a journey through the past and present of a country

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ARSP voluntary service in the UK

Polish and German volunteers in the UK

Over 50 years of ARSP in the UK

Intergenerational Dialogue

ARSP voluntary service in the UK

Facing Challenges

At the Ruins of Coventry Cathedral

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Volunteer Services with ARSP

Volunteer Services with ARSP

You are interested in historical, social, and political issues and would like to take action for peace, international understanding and human rights? We offer one-year volunteer services for young people from Ukraine in Poland and for people from Poland in Great Britain, as well as volunteer services for people from all countries in Germany. You also have the opportunity to take part in a summer camp and experience history while doing practical work with your own hands in an international group.

Experience Volunteer Life

Volunteers' Voices

What inspires young people from Germany and Poland to volunteer in the UK each year? Find out their reasons for getting involved with ARSP, what motivates them and read their impressions of life in the UK here.


Volunteer Graffiti Workshop!

Evaluation Seminar - Every August at ARSP

As part of evaluating their voluntary service, each year, ARSP volunteers take part in a graffiti workshop. See what they came up with when tasked with producing something memorable from their year in the UK.